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About us

The Lighting Living Lab project aims to promote innovation and the development of research in new technologies and applications in the area of lighting, with a focus on the concepts of intelligent lighting, and eco-sustainable lighting, in order to create new service, systems, products, and business opportunities.

This project involves several entities such as the Municipality of Águeda, the University of Aveiro, and some of lighting companies such as: Globaltroinc, Lightenjin and Think Light.

Our Mission

Promote and support innovation and co-creation of new technologies and applications in the lighting field, embedded with the active participation of the end-user.

Contribute for the achievement of better energy efficiency.

Encourage a change of paradigm, where lighting ceases to be seen only as an utility, but also as crucial for the definition of environments, customization of spaces and improvement of comfort.

Our Vision

To be recognized by firms and other national and international entities as a key partner in the lighting sector, for innovation development and validation by the end-user.

Contact us

Incubadora de Empresas de Águeda

Rua Luís de Camões, nº 64
3750 – 159 Águeda, Portugal

Phone: +351 234 180 155 (Ext. 4004)